What are you learning from your incidents?

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Think about this—what was the last incident that challenged you? Did you learn anything from it?

It will be shocking to no one to hear that we deal with our fair share of incidents. These run the gamut from tiny bugs to significant outages (thankfully, the latter happening only very rarely 😮‍💨). Either way, we always take the time to learn from them in some way. This might look like changes to our response processes or revisiting systems we’re using.

We encourage everyone to do the same.

We like to think that incidents are an opportunity to build resilience. So before you move on to the next one, take some time to consider what you can learn from your incidents—we promise you'll be better for it!

With that, let’s look back at what happened in March!

Feature spotlight: Configuring your user permissions

We've recently rolled out the ability for folks to customize what users can do across the product, using custom role based access control (RBAC)! Until now, users were restricted based on a set of default permissions and roles.

Some use cases:

  • An Engineer custom role could grant permission to manage API keys and webhooks
  • Finance custom role could give the authorization to manage billing settings and on-call pay reports
  • Security custom role could give permission to see all private incidents

Article of the month: When did you last read a user manual?

Most folks would benefit from reading manuals to get up and running faster, but they usually don't. This conundrum is the active user paradox in a nutshell.

It's the idea that users want to jump into products immediately, even though they would benefit from reading manuals.

So how do you get around this? You embrace it fully!

Check out our CPO, Chris's, thoughts on the paradox and how we've learned to lean into it as an advantage.

We've refreshed the Practical guide to Incident Management – and now it’s downloadable too!

For folks who are just getting started as responders or adopting an IM tool for the first time, our guide is a great resource to get you off the ground running.

It features detailed insights into incident foundations such as severity levels, lifecycles, and post-mortems. You'll also find deep dives into on-call and how to learn from your incidents to improve your products.

It's the one guide you'll actually want to read. Sorry, active user paradox.

For 2023, we've refreshed it with sections on incident response insights, including:

  • Value of incident data
  • Tracking workload
  • Operational readiness
  • Pager load
  • ...and more

Did you know that…

You can use CMD+K to respond to incidents even faster than before! With this shortcut, you can quickly search, navigate and perform actions on incidents in seconds.

We’re going to Kubecon!

Catch us in Amsterdam from April 18 - 21st for Kubecon Europe 2023! We’ll have product demos, swag, activities, and more. We can’t wait to see you all there.

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