Play the leading role,
not all the roles.

Create, manage and resolve incidents directly in Slack. Leave the admin and reporting to us.

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Alternatively, drop us an email — was exactly the tool I was looking for when I joined Render to help us scale engineering. Managing reliability and incidents well, with the tools helping and not adding overhead, is table stakes for anyone building SaaS products. The team has a deep understanding of the space and it shows in the product.

Uma Chingunde
VP of Engineering, Render is a delightful product to work with. We now have a consistent & easy way of creating and managing incidents. This is huge for us since it meant we didn't have to prioritize building a solution in-house, and "just worked".

Shayon Mukherjee
Engineering Manager, Loom

Less faffing, more fixing

We take care of the admin during incidents, so you can save your brainpower for the decisions that matter.

Keep things consistent
All incidents are announced in a single channel, in a consistent format, and are updated automatically.
Share updates, without the overhead
Share updates, assign roles, set important links and more, without ever leaving the incident channel.
You focus, we'll follow up
Whether it's ensuring roles get filled, or actions get owned, put it on our plate and we'll do the chasing for you.

Divide and conquer

We make sure everyone's role is clear, track who's working on what, and help you escalate if you need extra help.

Know who's doing what, so you get more done
All incidents are announced in a single channel, in a consistent format, and are updated automatically.
Ensure your key roles are covered
Tell us what you need, whether that's coordination or communication, and we'll make sure someone plays the part.
Call in the cavalry
We make it easy to call in specialists to help fix things faster using the tools you already love, like PagerDuty.

Get up to speed, at speed

Get everyone on the same page from the moment they join the incident, and help stakeholders stay in the loop.

Welcome to the party
When you join an incident for the first time, we bring you up to speed with a clear summary post, so you can jump right in.
Stay up to date, without having to ask
Easily subscribe to an incident in one click and when the team shares any updates, we'll make sure you're the first to know.
More signal, less noise
Whether you want to follow along with the incident in Slack or check the internal dashboard on your iPad, we'll summarise the key information for you. No need to read through every message.

Not just a Bot.

Finally, a dedicated place to search, review and analyse all your incident data. Each incident also gets its own dashboard.

Timelines, in no time

Constructing an incident timeline for review is important, but time consuming. We'll build one for you in real-time, and keep it constantly up to date.

We include key updates from you…
Any changes you make to an incident are instantly added to your timeline for you to review later, along with anything else you've pinned.
…and some suggestions from us
We look out for pull requests, dashboards and errors, and highlight them in your timeline for review.
All with one click
Refine your timeline with observations, tags and annotations, then export it for your post mortem in one click.

Data and insights you can trust

You've already paid for your incidents. By surfacing the data you need to make decisions, we help you get your money's worth.

Keep an eye on trends and anomalies
We'll send you regular insights, to help you know if things are getting better, or worse.
Understand the impact on your team
We tell you who is constantly getting woken up at 3AM, and which teams are handling more than their fair share of the load.
Spot common contributing factors
Finally gather the data you need to prove those long-held hunches about which systems contribute the most to your downtime.

About us

We’re software engineers who have spent our lives building products customers love, but we've also been pulled into more incidents than we can count, ranging from small blips quickly solved, to massive incidents that required weeks in a war-room.

  • Stephen Whitworth


    Before fighting for better incident management, Stephen fought financial crime as a Staff Engineer at Monzo. Before that, he co-founded Ravelin, one of Europe's most successful fraud detection companies, and has been recognised in the Forbes 30 Under 30. He's spent a large portion of his career on-call, and has seen the impact that poor incident response can have on system reliability and his sleep. 😴

  • Pete Hamilton


    Also previously a Staff Engineer at Monzo, Pete led the operations engineering teams, who build the tools that power their world class customer support. Before Monzo, he was an early employee at GoCardless - a recurring payments platform now processing over $13bn a year - where he hired and led multiple product and engineering teams. Pete used to be this Slackbot in a former life. 🤖🚒

  • Chris Evans


    Chris is the Director of Platform and Reliability at Monzo, where he leads the teams building Monzo’s infrastructure platform. He's no stranger to gnarly incidents, and built Monzo’s incident response tooling to help them manage and learn from incidents. Before this, he led Platform teams at MOO and Marks & Spencer, and has been writing software for as long as he can remember. 👨‍💻

No spam. We promise.
Alternatively, drop us an email —