Connect everything in your organization with Catalog

With Catalog, your entire organization exists under a single view, helping you take your incident response to the next level.

Model everything

Catalog doesn’t just manage services. With it, you can connect and manage everything that exists in your organization in a simple, easy-to-navigate view — from customers, to teams, software services, payment providers and everything in between.

Power Custom Fields from Catalog

Connect Custom Fields to catalog entries to ensure they stay in-sync. When you add a new service to your existing catalog will know about it, and relationships like “who owns what service” are always kept up-to-date.

Automatically set fields using Catalog

With Catalog, collect high-quality incident data without compromising on speed. Stop asking responders for services, teams and features when they first declare an incident: instead, have fields like Affected Teams get set automatically from the Catalog.

Use Catalog to build powerful workflows

Create Workflows that query Catalog to “page the owners of affected services” or “invite the CSMs who support impacted customers.” With a birds-eye view of your company, stop struggling and let Catalog to do it for you.

Getting data into Catalog

IntegrationsWe pull data from your integrations so you can see everything across all your tools in one place, all automatically.
Service CatalogsIf you use a service catalog like OpsLevel, Cortex or Backstage, we can sync that data into our catalog too, helping benefit from the investment you’ve already made in those tools.
Custom SourcesFor home-grown catalogs, config living alongside code, or even for data from your warehouse: we’ve built the catalog-importer to push this data into from your CI pipelines.

Recipes to supercharge your incident response

When...Customer Success report critical incidentsUse Catalog to...Automatically find the responsible team and page them
When...I set an impacted service field on an incidentUse Catalog to...Also set the impacted team
When...Someone mentions an Enterprise customer that exists in the CatalogUse Catalog to...Find their Customer Success Manager and notify them on Slack
When...A database is offlineUse Catalog to...Find all affected teams and notify them using Slack and PagerDuty

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