Run incidents without leaving Slack

Collaborate seamlessly in one channel, connected to the right tools and people automatically. Assign clearly defined roles and we'll guide you through the fix step by step.

Get going at speed

Quickly spin up a dedicated Slack channel where you can focus on running your incident without losing context. Keep everything in one place and eliminate the need for extra meetings and documentation.

  • Get your channel set up in seconds with /incident
  • Automatically create a channel when you need it with PagerDuty auto-create
  • Be guided by nudges and automations

Assemble your team

Pull the right people in at the right time, so you can collaborate effectively to resolve incidents together.

  • Automatically escalate to the people you need
  • Assign key roles to ensure clarity and accountability
  • Create and assign actions and follow-ups

Keep everyone in the loop

Make sure your team, leadership and customers are kept up to date, without losing time. We make communication easy, so everyone has the visibility they need.

  • Share and view updates through a live #incidents feed
  • Use our Statuspage integration to keep customers informed
  • Make incidents private when you need to

Make post-incident reviews a breeze

After closing, we'll make sure you turn your incidents into opportunities by helping you run more effective post-incident reviews.

  • Automatically generate and curate your timeline
  • Automatically generate and share your postmortem
"One of the improvements that has brought to our incident response processes is the reduction of that cognitive overload. It’s one tool. You just send an /inc statuspage message, and you post an update. It's all in the same tool. It's in the same context."
Adrián Moreno Peña
Adrián Moreno Peña
VP of Engineering
"When we did our evaluation process, we gave a list of features we needed. In the time that it had taken us to get one vendor to respond to our product feedback, had shipped four features we requested. Internally, we had a meeting, and I think we said something like, 'Wow, they are super hungry.'"
Jeremy Tinley
Jeremy Tinley
Principal Systems Architect
"We realized that we already have an app,, to log incidents. Why not just use it to keep everything in one place? We can extract all the reports we need and manage any response actions in a single location."
Elizaveta Shevchenko
Elizaveta Shevchenko
Technical Support Lead
" has enabled us to have a better incident response process. What does that mean? Better service to our clients, which means better NPS. It means better net revenue retention and client satisfaction, which ultimately feeds right down into revenue and our P&L statement. Can't really argue with that."
Michael Cullum
Michael Cullum
VP of Engineering and Data
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