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Shifting left on incident management

Embrace the opportunities that lowering the threshold for incidents can provide. "Shifting left" in incident management will promote a proactive rather than reactive approach, which will increase operational readiness and resilience, gain a better understanding, and improve prioritization.

Norberto LopesPicture of Norberto Lopes

Norberto Lopes

5 min read

Why we chose JavaScript over CEL

A look into why we chose plain Javascript over CEL expression evaluation for our Catalog importer tool.

Macey BakerPicture of Macey Baker

Macey Baker

3 min read

Running projects for AI features

In this article, Aaron the Technical Lead for the Post-incident team highlights the differences of running projects for AI powered features

Aaron SheahPicture of Aaron Sheah

Aaron Sheah

6 min read

Finding relationships in your data with embeddings

Spotting relationships in your data can be hard especially when that data is free text. Here's how we used LLMs and vector embeddings to quickly search through our data for similar topics and even concepts.

Rob LiddlePicture of Rob Liddle

Rob Liddle

19 min read

Building a GPT-style Assistant for historical incident analysis

What looks like making GPT-style assistant in a little over a month

Teddy Aristide Necsoiu Picture of Teddy Aristide Necsoiu

Teddy Aristide Necsoiu

7 min read

Lessons learned from building our first AI product

If you're thinking of adding AI to your product, this is everything you should know in advance.

Milly LeadleyPicture of Milly Leadley

Milly Leadley

15 min read

Debugging Go compiler performance in a large codebase

In a big Go codebase, compiling all that code can get slower over time. This is how I figured out some bottlenecks and made our builds much faster!

Isaac SeymourPicture of Isaac Seymour

Isaac Seymour

7 min read

Tracking developer build times to decide if the M3 MacBook is worth upgrading

When our CTO said "I'll upgrade your MacBook if you can prove it's worthwhile" we embarked on a journey including (re)building a Go hot-reloader, instrumenting developer builds, analysing compiler performance and feeding an AI model the data until we had an answer.

Lawrence JonesPicture of Lawrence Jones

Lawrence Jones

22 min read

Engineering nits: Generating code faster

As our app grew, our codegen got slower and slower. Here's how we made it 97% faster.

Isaac SeymourPicture of Isaac Seymour

Isaac Seymour

5 min read

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