Newsletter, post-incident processes, and Crocs

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👋 Hey folks

As usual, it’s been all systems go at this month. New joiners, new features and new swag (yes, you heard right!). But most excitingly, we launched our new podcast this week. We had a blast recording it - we hope you enjoy listening to it just as much.

Here’s a round-up of some of this month's highlights…

📮 Improving your post-incident process

You’ve closed your incident, hurrah! You’re through the worst. Take a breather, grab a cup of tea, maybe scroll through some cat memes for a while. But chances are, you’ve still got a number of tasks to complete before you can consider your work here done. Steps need to be taken to understand what went wrong and actions completed to minimise the chances of it recurring.

That's why this month we've revamped our follow-ups with a new dashboard, including performance metrics to help you understand how follow-ups are being completed across the team and what’s still outstanding. Slice and dice the data, apply bulk updates to follow-ups and send reminders to your team to make sure things get done.

And for anyone who was disappointed by the season finale of The Rings of Power, don’t worry, because we have some much more exciting Wizard-ry for you... Our new incident closure wizard will prompt you to complete post-incident activities, helping your team keep on track 🧙‍♂️ just like magic. Read more here.

⟪⟫ Introducing Workflow expressions

Workflows are a powerful part of that allow you to automate certain actions and behaviours, effectively encoding parts of your incident response process. We’ve given this superpower another boost by shipping expressions. With an expression, you can vary the behaviour of the steps within your workflow, based on a set of conditions. For example, you can escalate to a different team based on the incident severity. Read more here.

🔥 Hot off the press

🎧 the podcast you've been waiting for

This month, we launched - our podcast for all things incident management. In our inaugural podcast, co-founders Chris and Pete discuss how to build a successful on-call team. Drawing on their experiences at rapidly growing start-ups and scale-ups, they cover everything from who should be on the rota and how to build a compassionate on-call culture, to compensation structures and tips for operationalising on-call. Tune in for a whole host of practical tips to improve on-call in your team.

💪 Building a great start up developer experience

We’re lucky to have an incredibly talented team of Engineers here at (we salute you!). But how do you get the most out of your team, giving them the best experience possible whilst enabling them to ship quality products to customers at speed? Lisa, our Technical Lead, has the answer. Check out her blog to find out how short feedback loops, efficient bug tracking and using well-tested abstractions as building blocks for new features helps us to ship, ship, ship 🚢 (and have a happy team - just look at those lovely, smiling faces 👇❤️). Read the blog post here.

👪 Review us on G2

Already using We’d love you to review us on G2. Let us know when you’ve submitted your review, and we’ll send you some coveted swag in return! Our latest swag addition? Croc charms. Yes, yes we did. Leave us a review here.

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