Post-incident process

Weekly Update

Running a better post-incident process

Following a consistent process after an incident closes is key to your team's efforts to improve resilience. After speaking with our community, we have spent the past week building out a new incident closure wizard to help your team follow what we believe are the five essential steps after any incident:

  1. Review your follow-ups to capture everything your team needs to do
  2. Curate your timeline to tell the story of your incident without having to sift through Slack
  3. Create a post-mortem to summarise the incident
  4. Schedule a debrief meeting with your team to bounce around ideas
  5. Share the completed post-mortem to help your entire company understand what happened

This starts in Slack, where we'll help you:

  • Clear your open actions, by marking them as complete or converting them to follow-ups
  • Review your existing follow-ups to make sure they are still relevant, and add new ones
  • Decide if the incident requires a post-incident process, which tracks the five steps mentioned above in the checklist
  • Tag team members in Slack that you'd like to be involved in completing the checklist

Post-mortems for your whole organization

We’ve also made some improvements to post-mortems, to make them more customisable across your organization.

Multiple templates

You can now create multiple document templates for post-mortem creation. A default template can be specified per incident type, meaning you can separate the way you write and run post-mortems for the different incidents you encounter.

Post-mortem statuses

Attached post-mortem documents can now be marked as In review or Complete. You can target the post-mortem status as part of policies, to ensure that your organizational policy around post-mortem completion is adhered to. You can also target post-mortem status as part of incident filters.

Default time zone

We’ve added the option to set a default time zone for your post-mortem timestamps across your organization.

🚀 What else we shipped

  • 🆕 Incident Slack channel names are now customisable!
  • 🆕 When an incident is closed, the call link is removed from the Slack topic and announcement message
  • 🆕 A new "Add a summary" button is now included on the Slack announcement message
  • 💅 Improved the loading time of "At a glance" statistics on the follow-ups page
  • 🐛 Fixed an issue with the default template for Statuspage
  • 🐛 Resolved an issue with the export to Jira functionality when certain fields were set

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