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We’re building the best way for your whole organization to respond, review and learn from incidents. This is where we talk about how and why.

The start of a racetrack

Starting projects at

We've found a way of kicking off projects at which helps us ship in a fast and focussed way.

Lisa Karlin CurtisPicture of Lisa Karlin Curtis

Lisa Karlin Curtis

6 min read
A photo of a podium

Designing your incident severity levels

Learn what incident severities levels are, what to consider when designing them, and the levels we recommend you use.

Stephen WhitworthPicture of Stephen Whitworth

Stephen Whitworth

5 min read
A cartoon of a rocket lifting off

Customer Success at an early-stage B2B SaaS company

A killer Customer Success function is critical to the success of any SaaS company. Find out how we’ve developed strong customer feedback loops to fuel our product development and built user insights to improve feature adoption.

Esther DelignatPicture of Esther Delignat

Esther Delignat

8 min read
Pillars at the Temple of Edfu, Egypt

The three pillars of great incident response

There’s no one-size-fits-all incident response process, but the same three pillars form the core of any good process: clarity, transparency and calm.

Lisa Karlin CurtisPicture of Lisa Karlin Curtis

Lisa Karlin Curtis

6 min read
A photograph of printing press letter blocks

Use your words: the importance of clear writing in product development

Good copy can be the difference between a decent product and a great one. Our engineer Sophie explains how copywriting is a central part of product development - and at startups, it's often an engineer's job.

Sophie KooninPicture of Sophie Koonin

Sophie Koonin

8 min read
A photo of a puzzle, which is missing a single piece

Our engineering interview process

Interviews can seem mysterious, but they don't need to be! We're sharing each interview we do, why we do it, who you'll speak to, how we run it and tips on how to prepare.

Pete HamiltonPicture of Pete Hamilton

Pete Hamilton

14 min read
The startup guide to sensible incident management

The startup guide to sensible incident management

A simple guide to help you bootstrap great incident management practices at your startup.

Chris EvansPicture of Chris Evans

Chris Evans

9 min read
Super hero action figures

No capes: the perils of being a hero-engineer

When I first started out as an engineer I really leant in to being a hero-engineer; here's the advice I wish I'd listened to earlier. you want to avoid.

Isaac SeymourPicture of Isaac Seymour

Isaac Seymour

4 min read
Overview of the data architecture

A modern data stack for startups

Data should be a commodity, and accessible to everyone in a company. We've picked a data stack for tools that make this possible- here's what we use, how it's configured, and why we picked it.

Lawrence JonesPicture of Lawrence Jones

Lawrence Jones

20 min read

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