Introducing our Sentry Integration

Screenshot of Sentry logo.

At, we鈥檙e continually building out our integrations to work with all the tools you already know and love.

Next on the list, is our first bug tracker, Sentry. Try posting a Sentry link on your next incident to check it out.

馃 What you can do with Sentry and

1. Link Sentry issues to incidents

From a Sentry issue, just as you can link to Issue Trackers such as Jira, Linear and GitHub, you can also link to .

2. Attach Sentry issues to incidents

When a Sentry link is posted in an incident Slack channel, it鈥檒l offer to attach it.

3. Keeping you up-to-date

Activity on the Sentry Issue will be propagated to the incident Slack channel:

馃摎 More details

For more information, you can look at:

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