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Hey there 👋🏼! I’m Kim, and I’m thrilled to be joining incident.io as VP of Marketing 🔥

In this post, I’ll cover 6 reasons why I joined incident.io. But first, a little bit of background on me.

When I'm not marketing tech startups, you can usually find me traveling, eating (bit of a foodie, but I don't like onions), or hanging out with my two cats Pickle and Cheese. I'm originally from Washington, DC but I've lived in Boston for the past decade and a half.

6 reasons why I joined incident.io

Over the years, I’ve developed a few hard-and-fast rules for finding my next role, and incident.io covered every base. Every person’s job search criteria is different, but I’m sharing mine in the hopes that it provides some guidance to those on the market.

1. Ambitious growth goals

In this economy, we’re obviously not talking growth-at-all-costs anymore, but I’m a growth marketer at heart. I thrive in a challenging environment with goals that feel audacious but achievable. Caveat: check the math and find whitespace in the GTM strategy that you can plug to get there to ensure that the goals are realistic.

2. A great product solving a real problem

Solving an actual pain is a marketer’s dream. Incidents happen, whether they be a major outage or a small bug, and the stress and chaos that can result is visceral. Incident.io is building a powerful and user-friendly incident command center and getting major traction. The G2 reviews told me all I needed to know, and some of the feedback is juicy. You had me at “elegance under fire.”

3. A technical product geared at a developer-centric audience

I could write an entire post on why marketing to a developer/engineering persona has always interested me more than marketing to, for example, a GTM audience. But for now I’ll just say that it has consistently served me well in my career to pick a lane and stick with it - as time goes on this allows you to build both depth and breadth in your skillset. This can be your competitive advantage.

4. Short time to impact

Having seen where some of the bodies are buried throughout my career, I’m moving earlier in the startup journey to help establish the GTM strategy and impact the culture. And while incident.io has already built a strong brand and implemented some impressive marketing tactics, there is plenty to be done and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.

5. Inspiring founders and top-tier investment

Choose your founders wisely. I’m so excited to work with Stephen Whitworth, Chris Evans and Pete Hamilton. I’ve found the team to be hungry and visionary, and more than anything I’ve been impressed with their focus on empathy and pragmatism - within themselves and the team they’ve built. This people-first attitude has been infused from the hiring and onboarding process all the way through to the product. It’s easy to see why Index Ventures led their $28.7m Series A.

6. A culture of fun

If you know me at all, you know this matters a great deal to me. Startups are hard, so it’s really important to make fun where you can. I’m looking forward to the dog-friendly office, the upcoming company offsite in Barcelona, and an absolutely groan-inducing amount of fire puns.

If you’re able, really take your time to find the right fit and don’t settle.

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