New Joiner: Connie Mills

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Hey! 馃憢聽I鈥檓 Connie, I鈥檝e joined incident.io to help with all things Customer Success and take on Esther as the shortest member of the team 馃ぃ

I鈥檓 super excited to be here and to spend time with our awesome customers. It鈥檚 an exciting time at incident.io and I can鈥檛 wait for what the next few months will bring!

Before incident.io I worked at Pento where I joined as the first CS person. Over two years I built out and led the customer success team, taking care of onboarding, support and success.

If I鈥檓 not talking to customers about incidents then I will probably have my head in a cookbook and be thinking about what I鈥檒l be having for dinner - I love all things food! I鈥檓 also the proud owner of one of incident.io鈥檚 resident office dogs, love to swim, do yoga and watch great TV series.

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