New Joiner: Esther Delignat

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A photo of Esther Delignat

Hola! Esther here. I’m probably the youngest and definitely the shortest member of the incident.io team.

I just joined the squad to pamper our amazing customers - give them an experience ‘aux petits oignons 🧅’, as we say in French.

Amongst other things, don’t hesitate to reach out to request new features; give feedback on, or ask questions about existing ones; provide training to your team; share battle-tested incident management best practices and much more.

Prior to my meet cute with incident.io, I was leading the go-to-market strategy, sales and CS at Cycle. Before that, I spent 4 years crystal-balling investing in and working with early-stage tech startups as a VC.

In case you’re wondering, the pattern here is that I like talking to people. Like, a lot. I have gone on holidays with people I had a single 30-minute call with - hi Sabba 👋🏼. It brings me joy to see happy customers, stakeholders, colleagues and friends.

When not helping people you’ll find me - somewhat ironically - bashing them at Krav Maga, surfing or reading up on the <insert-latest-random-topic-I-thought-'this is cool!'-about>.