Embracing new challenges—my journey as an intern at

Hello there 👋 I'm Christin.

I joined as an intern with the On-call Experience team, excited and unsure of what to expect. My academic background has prepared me for many things, but the real-world experience at has been eye-opening in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

As I reach the end of the second month of my internship at, I’ve found myself reflecting on the incredible journey it’s been so far.

This internship has been a whirlwind of learning, growth, and discovery, all thanks to the fantastic team here.

Rather than focusing on the latest tech or a new skill, I want to share something that truly resonated with me—a mindset I’ve embraced thanks to the inspiring company culture: not being afraid to jump into new things.

Understanding the Product Responder role

Early on, I was introduced to the concept of Product Responder (PR).

In the tech world, where swift issue resolution is critical, PRs play a vital role.

They are the first responders to any product-related issues that arise, ensuring that tickets are handled efficiently and effectively.

This role is crucial in maintaining the high standards of product quality and user satisfaction that puts first.

Understanding the importance of Product Responders (PRs) not only helped me appreciate the structure and priorities within the company but also underscored the fundamental role they play in upholding's commitment to maintaining high standards of product quality and ensuring user satisfaction remains paramount.

One of the memorable moments during my internship was when I was given the opportunity to take on the role of a PR lead.

To provide some context, the PR lead is responsible for overseeing the responder team, prioritizing tickets, and ensuring that issues are resolved swiftly and effectively. This role is integral to the smooth operation of the product support system.

As I stepped into this new role, one of the first responsibilities of a PR lead I had was leading our daily standups.

Despite being unfamiliar with how they’re fully run, I was still trusted to do so while the other engineers on PR were ready to support and help me become familiar with the process.

They have taught me so much about prioritization, putting ourselves in the customer's shoes, and expanding my knowledge about the product as it exposed me to more parts of the codebase.

Mentorship and team support

My mentor's (shout out to Leo P!) guidance and the team's support have been invaluable throughout this journey. Leo often reminded me that diving into new challenges, even if they seem daunting, is essential for growth.

It was also significant to realize that growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone.

This mindset was crucial, especially when faced with complex tickets that required deep dives into the codebase.

I felt at ease knowing that the engineers on the team were always willing to offer guidance and context. The team’s generosity in sharing their knowledge made a world of difference.

Looking ahead

Reflecting on my journey at so far and as I look forward to the remaining time in my internship, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and support I've received.

As such, I strive to continue to acknowledge that the growth we’ll achieve is worth every moment of uncertainty, embrace the challenges, seek support when needed, and remember that the journey is just as important as the destination.

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