Tailored to your organisation for smarter incident management

Easily customise the platform with dimensions that matter to you. Use Custom Fields and Incident Types to optimise your response, build smarter workflows and enrich your insights.

Collect the data you care about

Make work for you by tailoring your workspace using Custom Fields. Enrich your insights and trigger smart workflows, based on the things you care about.

  • Categorise incidents in a way that makes sense to you
  • Analyse trends based on relevant data points
  • Build smarter workflows and announcement rules
Common custom fields
  • Impacted Product
  • Affected Team
  • Total customers impacted

Customisable incident types keep responses relevant

Different types of incident may require a different response. The custom fields, automations and roles needed to respond to a security incident will look different to those needed for a customer support issue.

Customise each incident type using...
  • Roles
  • Custom Fields
  • Automations
  • Severities
  • Privacy settings
  • Insights
" saves us hours per incident when considering the need for us to write up the incident, root cause and actions, communicate it to wider stakeholders and overall reporting."
Head of User Support
"Now we can generate insights on incidents within minutes, instead of wrangling spreadsheets for hours."
VP Engineering
"The fact that the channel is there means that more conversations happen publicly. More people are aware when incidents happen. We've also got automations set up to do things like page execs on every P1."
Engineering Director
"Previously we had fifteen things to do. has taken it down to two or three... So you can only focus on what you actually need to focus on and let the automation do the rest."
Head of Technical Support

Integrate with all the tools you already know and love

We're your incident management hub, amplifying the value of your existing tools by bringing them together in a single place.