Attach your incident debriefs

Weekly Update

Once your incident has been resolved, you might want to organize a debrief. This is usually a meeting for everyone to discuss what happened, and any follow-up tasks that would stop this kind of problem from happening again.

As of this week, you can now link a debrief event to your incident, directly from Google Calendar! This means that everyone knows when the debrief is happening and who will be attending.

To try it out, you’ll need to install our Google Calendar integration and choose which calendars we should subscribe to. Anytime you create an event in one of these calendars, and it includes the incident identifier (e.g. INC-123) in the title or description, we’ll automatically attach it.

If you identify the meeting as a debrief, we’ll post the details to the channel. Additionally, we’ll mark the Schedule a debrief learning task as complete for you.

We can also help you build a debrief event which invites the right participants; choose Schedule a debrief from the incident homepage sidebar and we’ll prefill an event which includes key members and links from the incident. You just need to choose a time and hit “save”!

🚀 What else we’ve shipped

  • 🆕 PagerDuty users can now be ignored by adding an incident-io-ignore tag in PagerDuty
  • 💅 We’ll now explain what’s gone wrong if you try to connect us to an Opsgenie account with the wrong privileges or on the wrong plan
  • 💅 We now keep track of changes to PagerDuty and Opsgenie schedule names
  • 💅 Updated the hover tooltip for manually set timestamps to show the timestamp description
  • 💅 Required custom fields are no longer mandatory when declining or merging a triage incident
  • 💅 We now consistently add borders to our catalog icons
  • 💅 We now show the connected user for our Notion integration
  • 💅 Made our Google workspace integration modals consistent
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where we couldn’t handle newline characters in incident titles
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where catalog-backed custom fields weren’t being populated in CSV exports
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where you couldn’t show a derived custom field in the ‘create incident’ modal
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where we allowed you to delete a custom field which another custom field relies on
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where some custom fields would not be backfilled if they didn't produce a non-null value for every past incident
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where the sign out button would not appear on mobile screens
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where the incident learning tab would not appear if an incident was moved into a learning status after having previously been closed
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where an existing incident summary wasn't appearing when accepting a triage incident
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where PagerDuty services would not be ignored if the incident-io-ignore tag was buried under a long description
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where connecting a follow-up to an existing Linear task would fail if the Linear team identifier had a number in it
  • 🐛 Made the "Create post-mortem" modal less glitchy

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