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Weekly Update

We know you rave about our workflows - their flexibility lets you configure processes just to your liking. But we'll admit, it was a bit annoying when you wanted to exclude old incidents, because you had to remember to add the filter for "where status is not closed". If you didn't, you might see some weirdness like getting prompted to "add a post-mortem" when changing the custom field on an old incident 🙁

So we've given you more power! When creating or updating a workflow, we'll prompt you with this modal:

It lets you declare which incidents your workflow should run on. Not only does this make it easier to exclude closed incidents, but it allows you to create workflows that will only run on future incidents!

Additionally, we wanted to help with edge cases that arise when you update a workflow whilst runs are still in-flight. This might happen when theres a delay between steps. We'll let you state whether the in-flight runs should be left to run as planned, or should continue running based on the new version of your workflow, or be cancelled entirely.

One more thing

We're very excited to have just dropped our Practical Guide to Incident Management! Every company needs a plan for when things go wrong. So here it is – our years of collective knowledge & experience distilled into a practical guide. Enjoy!

What else we shipped

  • 💅 We now support variable interpolation in the post-mortem markdown editor
  • 💅 We'll now post in an incident channel when an attached github PR is reviewed
  • 💅 We added an option to "reassign action to me" for assigned actions
  • 💅 When you an update an incident, we'll now show how long it is until the next update is due
  • 💅 We added the incident reference (eg. INC-123) to the incident slack channel topic
  • 💅 We added the Jira ticket URL to the exported CSV of incidents
  • 🐛 We started formatting actions consistently
  • 🐛 We started showing real names for observers in a post-mortem when display names are unavailable (thanks Bitvavo!)
  • 🐛 We fixed a bug with updating "Someone added an action" messages
  • 🐛 We stopped posting duplicate workflow actions to a channel

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