Quieten down, bot!

Weekly Update

We love our bot. It takes rote work off our hands, and let us focus on the things humans are great at. However, it's important that the incident channel remains clean and easy to scan, and it were getting a little loud for our tastes.

We started the week deep in thought, coming up with design principles for how the bot should interact. We'll be writing about these soon - stay tuned to our blog for more.

Armed with these principles, we built them into the product. The bot should be noticeably quieter. Let us know what you think!

What we shipped

  • 💅 Incident status is presented in a modal, rather than a thread.
  • 💅 If it's clear that an action has been taken, the bot will ack with emoji rather than repeating what's happened.
  • 💅 When creating an incident, the message we show to the reporter is smaller, with some handy buttons right there in front of you. Why type, when you can click!
  • 💅 When we detect a call link and offer the button to set it, we'll now clean up after ourselves and remove the original message
  • 🐛 When adding a call link to the incident after we suggested it to you, the button wasn't going away. Now it does!

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