We’re making our on-call calculator free

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Lawrence Jones

We've all done it: "that'll be simple, I'll just write a quick script and..."

In the case of calculating on-call pay, we really have done it before: our team have built the on-call pay scripts for several companies, and each attempt was a painful, error prone process.

While we believe everyone on-call should be paid for their inconvenience, relying on someones side-project or back-of-napkin maths to calculate pay leads to mistakes, frustration, and wasted time.

So today we’re making our on-call pay calculator free for everyone to use, regardless of whether they use incident.io or not: https://incident.io/on-call/

Unlike a home-grown solution, our calculator:

  • Provides full support for timezones, localised to each schedule's region
  • Helps visualise pay calculations, catching any errors around special rates or holidays
  • Sends each user a breakdown of their shifts, so they can understand and predict their pay

Here’s what some of our users have said after using it:

We tested the calculator for May’s payments and it matches exactly (actually, it found a 10p mistake I made) our manual count, that took me ages 😅 and an elaborate spreadsheet. Will definitely be using going forward!

amazing that it has to come from outside PagerDuty - but this is such a great step forward for the industry. It should be trivial to pay people for participating in on-call

I signed up to use your On-call pay calculator (it was going to be a future hackathon project of mine!) and it’s fantastic. My life just got so much easier!

If you’d be interested in giving it a go, check out these instructions.

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