New Joiner: Alex Russell-Saw

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A photo of Alex (and Mia)

Hello! I'm Alex, another new engineer at incident.io!

I'm joining from Stripe 馃挸 where I was working on open banking, having previously worked with Sophie, Chris, Stephen & Pete at Monzo. It's great to be back working with people I really admired during my time there, and to be working on such an exciting product where I personally know the pain that we're solving for people. Having a sense of confidence that what we're building is the right thing is a great feeling, and working with such a talented team is just a bonus on top of that.

Outside of work i'm known for having the fluffiest dog you'll ever meet (who is also terrified of everyone 馃槄). Working on lots of weird little side projects, and building real things too! I'm currently doing a ceramics class (snap Martha), and also recklessly bought a CNC milling machine. Time will tell whether this was a wise purchase or not, my money's on not.