Incident management
that brings calm to chaos

With a beautifully simple interface and powerful workflow automation, ensures entire organizations can seamlessly collaborate and manage incidents without ever leaving Slack.

Some of our happy customers

Adoption in days, not weeks

We make adoption easy by meeting your teams where they already work in Slack, and integrating seamlessly with all the tools you already know and love, including Jira, Statuspage, and PagerDuty.

Empower anyone to own an incident from start to finish

We guide your teams through the most stressful times. Now anyone can run incidents with confidence so you can scale your organization without slowing down.

Unlock more time for impactful work

Create consistency instantly with our easy to build workflows. Automate tedious processes from sending update emails to execs to compiling post-mortems, so you can focus on fixing and building world-class products.

Create visibility across your organization

Avoid duplication and reduce unnecessary distractions by running more transparent incidents. You can assign roles and actions, provide incident updates, and find an overview of all live incidents in your #incidents channel.

Build stronger products and happier teams

Learn from incidents through automatically generated post-mortems, timelines, and your Insights dashboard so that you can build better products and more effective teams.

7 hours
saved per incident
6 months
engineering time saved by not building in-house
3 hours
less downtime per month
of customers reduce employee attrition
"One of the unexpected benefits of switching over to is that we’ve managed to get different groups within our organization to manage incidents. Now teams are empowered to set up incident channels and feel more confident knowing that there’s automation to help guide them the entire way."
Jeremy Tinley
Jeremy Tinley
Principal Systems Architect
"We realized that we already have an app,, to log incidents. Why not just use it to keep everything in one place? We can extract all the reports we need and manage any response actions in a single location."
Elizaveta Shevchenko
Elizaveta Shevchenko
Technical Support Lead
" has enabled us to have a better incident response process. What does that mean? Better service to our clients, which means better NPS. It means better net revenue retention and client satisfaction, which ultimately feeds right down into revenue and our P&L statement. Can't really argue with that."
Michael Cullum
Michael Cullum
VP of Engineering and Data
" is tied to our ability to provide a really great experience for our customers; it's core to what our company is about. We have very demanding customers at the intersection of enterprises and developers. So, making it easy for us to track follow-ups and do all of the right things when there is reactive work that our customers are waiting on is really important."
Alon Levi
Alon Levi
VP of Engineering
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Run incidents end-to-end, all in one platform

Manage every stage of your incident process through Founded by experienced engineers who have run hundreds of incidents, we've poured decades of experience into our platform. We'll guide you from the moment you're paged through to analyzing your post-incident insights.

Collaborate seamlessly in one channel, connected to the right tools and people automatically. Assign clearly defined roles and we'll guide you through the fix step by step.

Integrate with all the tools you already know and love

Amplify the value of your existing tools by integrating for a seamless experience