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Incident declared

Manage incidents at scale,  without leaving Slack

Hypergrowth companies use incident.io to automate incident processes, focus on fixing the issue and learn from incident insights to improve site reliability and fix vulnerabilities.

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Automate processes, focus on fixing

Manage and communicate incidents directly in Slack without even thinking about it. We take care of the admin so that you can solely focus on fixing the issue and ensuring your site is reliable.

Bring consistency and clarity to your processes.
Define your incident process, using our best practice template, and let our workflows automatically run them for you during an incident.
Less noise, more transparent communications.
All incidents are announced in a single channel, in a consistent format, and are updated automatically. We’ll make sure the right people are informed of all the right things.
Share updates without the manual admin.
Share updates, set important links, update your status page, loop in the team and more, without ever leaving the incident channel. We’ll send them to the right places for you.
Light in weight but heavy in duty.
It only takes 2 minutes to set up incident.io. Sign up with your Slack account, integrate your favourite tools and you’re ready to go. Then just type /inc in Slack and we’ll be there.
An incident.io incident channel in SlackSlack modal to delcare a new incident


8:40 PM

Yup, seeing the same thing here.

@Leslie I need to take a look at the logs, can you take over the lead please?


8:40 PM

Yeah, no problem!


APP8:40 PM

@Leslie became Incident Lead, taking over from @April.


You are now the Incident Lead. Here’s what’s expected of you:

  • Make sure it’s clear who is doing what, and that people are working together effectively.
  • Ensure everybody has what they need, and any blockers are flagged quickly.
  • Provide regular, clear updates for stakeholders to let them know what’s happening.

Align team efforts in critical times

We make sure everyone’s role is clear, track who’s working on what, and we’ll help you escalate if you need extra help.

Know who’s doing what, so you get more done.
Assign roles and decide who’s doing what on the go. We’ll nudge the right people to take action.
Never forget the important tasks during an incident.
It’s easy to forget the admin during critical times, like updating your status page. We’ll remind you what to do and when.
Escalate with one click.
Call in specialists to help fix things faster with just a click of a button in Slack. We’ll page them via the tools you already love, like PagerDuty.

Simplified processes, faster recovery

Get everyone on the same page from the moment they join the incident, and help stakeholders stay in the loop.

Faster communication, less noise.
We’ll create a separate temporary channel, with a quick summary of the incident and an automatic Zoom link for each incident for streamlined communication.
Welcome to the party.
When you join an incident for the first time, we bring you up to speed with a clear summary post, so you can jump right in. No scrolling through the messages, no asking around, no wasting time.
Stay up to date, without having to ask.
Easily subscribe to an incident in one click and when the team shares any updates, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know.
An example welcome message for an incident channel in SlackAn example summary of incident actions

Not just a bot

Finally, a dedicated place to search, review and analyse all your incident data. Each incident also gets its own dashboard.

Example of an incident as we'd view it in the web

Post-mortems and timelines, in no time

Constructing an incident timeline for review is important, but time-consuming. We’ll build one for you in real-time, and keep it constantly up to date.

Pin important changes to timeline in seconds.
Ensure all key changes the team has made, during an incident, will be ready to be reviewed later. We’ll look out for and suggest pull requests, dashboards and errors, for you to include in your timeline.
Generate incident post-mortems for team retro with one click.
Refine your timeline with observations, tags and annotations, then export it for your post-mortem automatically in one click.
Make sure follow up actions get completed.
Export post-mortem follow up actions directly to Jira, to make sure improvements get made. We’ll also keep them on your incident.io dashboard for a quick overview of the progress.
An example incident timeline

Learn from incidents, fix vulnerabilities

We’re not just a Slack bot. Our insights dashboard gives you a detailed overview of all your incidents data to help you discover and fix vulnerabilities, enrich your reporting data and more.

Keep an eye on trends and anomalies.
We’ll send you regular insights, to help you know if things are getting better, or worse.
Understand the impact on your team.
We tell you who is constantly getting woken up at 3AM, and which teams are handling more than their fair share of the load.
Spot common contributing factors.
Finally gather the data you need to prove those long-held hunches about which systems contribute the most to your downtime.
A list of incidents which has been filtered in the incident.io web product

Don't take our word for it

We're proud to be working with these incredible companies, empowering them with world-class incident response.

Picture of Uma Chingunde

incident.io was exactly the tool I was looking for when I joined Render to help us scale engineering. Managing reliability and incidents well, with the tools helping and not adding overhead, is table stakes for anyone building SaaS products. The incident.io team has a deep understanding of the space and it shows in the product.

Uma Chingunde
VP of Engineering, Render
Picture of Sebastien Jeanquier

incident.io has enabled us to manage incidents in a more structured way, without leaving the tools that our entire organisation already use on a daily basis. Our ability to respond and follow a process has improved significantly. If you’re looking for a lower-overhead solution that your team will easily adopt, I highly recommend it.

Sebastien Jeanquier
Chief Security Officer, Upvest
Picture of Shayon Mukherjee

incident.io is a delightful product to work with. We now have a consistent & easy way of creating and managing incidents. This is huge for us since it meant we didn't have to prioritize building a solution in-house, and incident.io "just worked".

Shayon Mukherjee
Engineering Manager, Loom
Picture of Thomas Lee

As an engineering manager building high performing engineering teams is key to my role. incident.io gives us the tooling and data our teams need to learn from incidents and keep stakeholders up to date without having to invest our own engineering time in building a custom solution.

Thomas Lee
Engineering Manager, Truelayer
Picture of Lawrence Jones

incident.io lowers the barrier to doing incidents right. We train people to use incident roles, get into the habit of updating stakeholders, and giving feedback once the incident is closed. Now incident.io helps everyone to learn and follow these behaviours, and fast!

Lawrence Jones
Principal SRE, GoCardless
Picture of Abby Bangser

We are just getting going at Duffel and it is really important to us to build in the right practices early. The ease with which incident.io integrates with our other tools like Slack, PagerDuty and Jira has made on-boarding both engineers and others into the process of incident communication and follow up much easier.

Abby Bangser
SRE, Duffel
Picture of Matt Huxtable

With incident.io, you get more than a Slack-integrated incident management tool. You get a product designed by a team of engineers with years of hands-on experience, all of which is embodied in the tool and user experience.

Matt Huxtable
Chief Technology Officer, Ziglu

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