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How’s Status Page brought reliability back to RD Station’s customer comms

With’s Status Page, RD Station has meaningfully improved their external communications almost immediately. Thanks to its easy-to-use UI and deep integration with’s response tooling, sharing external comms has become that much simpler.

Key Benefits

  • Improved external communications
  • Consolidation of key incident information
  • A UI that’s simple to parse for customers
  • A long-time design partnership insights have allowed us to spot parts of our stack, particularly select third parties, who are not serving us as well as possible and served as a prioritisation driver for tackling mitigation of this
Tiago Torresani
Tiago Torresani
Engineering Team Lead

RD Station has a platform of solutions and a fully integrated hub designed to take businesses' sales, marketing and growth efforts to the next level. With a software suite that includes tools such as RD Station Marketing and CRM, they aim to provide solutions to time-consuming problems that keep businesses from achieving optimal growth.

Today, RD Station has more than 700 employees worldwide.

The challenge

A clunky UI coupled with pesky limitations made external comms an exercise in frustration

As the largest SaaS company in Latin America, the stakes are high for RD Station. Because they play a critical role in helping thousands of customers with their marketing efforts and lead generation, communication is paramount. The importance of communication becomes especially apparent when incidents happen.

For RD Station, ensuring every last one of their customers is in the loop when things go haywire is not only worthwhile, it's critical. A single lapse in communication can have a huge impact, so having a status page product to help with external comms is a must.

But with their current status page, they’ve encountered many issues that made reliable external communication nearly impossible.

We’ve had several problems with our status page’s interface. Above all, it’s not user-friendly. And to make matters worse, there are severe limitations with the type of routine content we can share, such as alert emails about incidents or maintenance. We also didn’t see any signs that the product would evolve, which was incredibly frustrating when we saw so many gaps in the product. For RD Station, something had to give.

So when looking for alternate solutions, RD Station had a list of must-haves that they felt their current status page was falling short of:
  • A robust set of integrations that allowed a new status page product to fit seamlessly into their existing incident response stack
  • A straightforward status page UI that helped customers distill incident information at a glance
  • The ability to work with a product and engineering team that considers customer feedback and ships quickly

The solution

An intuitively designed product that’s fully integrated into for seamless and confident communications

RD Station needed a reliable status page solution prioritizing ease of use, reliability, and customer feedback.

But most importantly, since they already used, they were looking for a solution that provided seamless integration into existing response workflows.

"Our entire incident response process exists within, from incident declaration to the auto-generated post-mortems,” says Torresani.

The result

Immediate improvement in customer communication during critical moments and a long-time design partner

With its Status Pages product, helped RD Station regain confidence in its internal and external communications.

Thanks to its simple yet powerful interface, full integration into the response product, and clear consolidation of information, RD Station quickly improved its comms with Status Page.

“We’ve improved communication with our customers during critical moments and streamlined the visualization of incident information.”

They also appreciated the additional benefits that came with the integration with “SSO and integration with tools we’re already using was a big benefit. It’s really helpful for our workflows to be able to consolidate tools—we can move much faster and confidently as a result.” says Torresani.

And because RD Station was looking for a solution that heavily factored in customer feedback, they welcomed being looped into the design process of Status Pages early on.

There were syncs to arrive at a product that could serve us and the broader market in a much more pleasant way than it does today. I feel like we built part of the future together.

However, the most promising prospect is a long-term partnership with the team to continue delivering value to RD Station—through Status Pages and beyond.

“We've been a partner of since the beginning. From the moment we became customers until today, we've seen a lot of new features and a level of service we've never had with any other vendor,” says Torresani.

Seeing the tool grow and enter other niches excites us, firstly for being part of it, but also for understanding that the tool has the potential to go much further.

About the interviewee

Tiago is an Engineering Team Lead of the Engineering and Incident Support team at RD Station, leading a team of 11 people in a strategic multi-product tier for the company.

Tiago Torresani

Tiago Torresani

Engineering Team Lead

Customer since
June 2022
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