Improvements all around

Weekly Update

Last week, the team took a step back from shipping big features and spent some time focusing on improving our internal tooling, and doing all the small things that make our product great.

We had all of engineering spend two days working on internal tooling improvements to make us go faster, and another two days on small improvements and bug fixes.

🔔 Workflow failure notifications in Slack

Previously, you could choose to be notified of workflow failures by email. We’ve shipped a feature so you can now receive the same notifications in a shared Slack channel.

You can configure this in Settings > Automation.

🧹 You can now delete messages sent via Workflows

If you have a lot of workflow steps sending messages which turn out not to be relevant to your incident, you now have the option to delete those to keep the channel clean.

🚀 What else we’ve shipped

  • 🆕 Added the /inc cancel command to the /inc Slack modal
  • 🆕 We’ll now unfurl an incident URL that came from our public API (as opposed to copied from the dashboard)
  • 👷 Improved our performance when loading an incident timeline with a large debrief meeting attached
  • 💅 Exporting follow-ups to Jira no longer defaults to a given export template, this is now optional
  • 💅 Status pages now show the most recently updated incidents first
  • 💅 Learning flow tasks display who skipped or completed them in the dashboard
  • 💅 We now display the user/account that is used to connect to Linear
  • 💅 The policies page now loads more smoothly
  • 💅 When creating status page subpages, the preview now accurately reflects your selections
  • 💅 Links from workflow run failure notifications will now automatically open the activity tab
  • 💅 Links in the markdown editor now open in a new tab
  • 🐛 Improved validation of titles and description when creating actions and follow-ups
  • 🐛 Errors when exporting Jira follow-ups are cleared after changing projects or issue types
  • 🐛 Stopped test incidents from being pushed to internal status pages
  • 🐛 We now delete announcement posts for incidents if you mark them as ‘test’ in bulk
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug which meant you couldn't create a new follow-up template
  • 🐛 Incident auto-close messages now display the correct number of awaited days before closing
  • 🐛 We now provide better feedback when manual incident creation fails
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug which prevented users from editing expressions in certain places
  • 🐛 We fail gracefully when we try to update a Zendesk issue that's already closed
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where some custom fields weren’t being populated in Notion post-mortems
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where the preview announcement when configuring an incident trigger wasn’t populating correctly

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