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Weekly Update

👀 What’s new?

We have built a native Atlassian app that allows you to install directly into Jira and Confluence. Moving to our Atlassian app from our OAuth authentication method will improve reliability and it won’t require you to change your existing configuration.

We wanted to improve the reliability of our connections to Atlassian apps and prevent authentication disconnections when Atlassian’s API is in a degraded state. By installing our Atlassian app directly into Jira/Confluence, disconnections will only occur if the app is uninstalled.

🤔 Why have we built this?

This installation method also gives us the possibility for creating new features that were previously not possible - this will enable us to build a more magical experience in the future.

⏭️ What should you do now?

We recommend that all customers that use Jira and/or Confluence should install the app at their earliest convenience. Visit our app on the Atlassian Marketplace. This should only take a few minutes to get set up.

🚀 What else we’ve shipped

🆕 We now support AWS SNS as an alert source, with first party support for AWS Managed Grafana

🆕 New Relic alert source now supports authorization headers

🆕 Command to /inc unpause or /inc resume to resume an incident

💅 Improve formatting of notification for when you are added to a schedule

💅 We now link you to the alert sources tab when auto-creating incidents from settings pages

💅 We're now more clear about the API key requirements we need from OpsGenie

💅 You can now acknowledge escalations directly from the home screen on mobile

💅 Users will be alerted of unsaved changes when navigating away from the alert config form

💅 Expose error from Atlassian hosted status pages when their active incident limit is hit

🐛 We’ve fixed an issue where trying to look up a catalog attribute with JSON expressions with long numeric values

🐛 We’ll now tell you on the Android app if you need to install a browser to continue signing in

🐛 Fixed a bug showing the cover time in wrong timezone

🐛 Fixed a bug filtering alert in configuration preview

🐛 Fixed the escalation acknowledgment message when directly escalating

🐛 We now correctly strip disallowed characters in Slack channel names

🐛 Fixed a bug where the same backlinked entry was showing twice when listing catalog entries

🐛 Fixed bug where viewing a recap failed for incidents with long summaries

🐛 Fixed issue where auto-archive form would claim you needed to reinstall slack

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