Multiple Jira instances

Weekly Update

We’ve levelled up our Jira integration this week, with support for connecting multiple Jira instances (sometimes called “Jira sites”) to

As your organisation grows it’s common to have separate Jira instances for different divisions or functions, and now can export follow-ups and incident tickets into as many instances as you need.

All the features of our Jira integration work across multiple instances, so you can:

Learn how to get set up in our help center.

ClickUp integration

We’ve added ClickUp to our growing list of issue trackers that you can export incident follow-ups to. We’ll sync changes in ClickUp right back to, where you can use policies to encourage people to complete incident follow-ups quickly, and monitor this in Insights.

Get started with our connection guide!

🚀 What else we’ve shipped

  • 🆕 You can now navigate to any settings page via the CMD+K menu
  • 💅 Description text for custom timestamps is now displayed when setting incident timestamps from the dashboard
  • 💅 When setting a summary, the "Post to Slack" tickbox defaults to being on when there is no summary
  • 💅 In the dashboard, status pages are now sorted by name
  • 💅 We now stop you from deleting a custom field if it must be set during the learning flow
  • 💅 If you try to publish an incident to an internal status page with /inc statuspage that was automatically published, we'll now explain this
  • 🐛 Users subscribed to an internal status page will no longer receive notifications for incidents not on that status page
  • 🐛 Removed stray colons around emojis in some announcement posts
  • 🐛 We'll now ask you to convert actions to follow-ups when resolving from /inc update
  • 🐛 If someone visits a broken link on status page, we’ll redirect them to the main status page, rather than to our website
  • 🐛 Fixed some funky wrapping of status page components on iOS
  • 🐛 Merged, cancelled and declined incidents are now excluded from policy violations
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where some insights for schedules and workload were not displayed
  • 🐛 Workflow step to publish a status page incident now blocks multiple incidents from being declared at once
  • 🐛 Workflows to close a status page incident now automatically resolve the impact on each affected component

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