Postmortem template improvements

Weekly Update

A smaller update from us this week - we’ve expanded a lot this year (and still more to go!), so the entire company got together in Barcelona to hangout with colleagues from across the US/UK and to put our heads together to define our revised 2023 company values.

We still have plenty of improvements and bug fixes for you to learn about, so it's worth reading through to the end. In the meantime, here are a few nice improvements we made last week.

Table and List support for Postmortem Templates

We’ve added the ability to use tables and lists within a postmortem template, as part of our existing Custom Block type. We wanted to add further flexibility to be able to map your existing postmortem document format in to our platform, and ensure you have the correct information in the correct format.

Both of the new editor features interplay with existing functionality, making it simple to style blocks as needed, as well as include dynamic variables (e.g. Incident → Status) within a table or list.


In other news, we converged on the city of Barcelona for a company-wide retreat. Our recent expansion and the geographic diversity of our team have offered us unique opportunities for growth, but we believe there's no substitute for in-person collaboration. Being in Barcelona not only allowed us to interact and bond over delicious food and breathtaking views, but also to engage in deep conversations about our strategic direction and core values.

Following the tradition of our previous off-site to Lisbon, this trip too was all about reflecting on the past year of successes and realigning for the road ahead. Amid Barcelona's iconic architecture and inspiring culture, we found fresh perspectives on our mission, whilst also spending time together dissecting our 2023 company values and ensuring they truly reflect the trajectory we envision for our ever-evolving team.

What we've taken away from Barcelona is more than just a memorable experience. It’s a renewed sense of unity, a shared vision, and an excited anticipation for what’s next on our journey. This reinforces our belief in the magic that happens when we bring our collective minds together, no matter where we might be based. You'll feel the ripple effect of the trip in every update, every bug fix, and every new feature we roll out. Stay tuned!

🚀 What else we’ve shipped

  • 🆕 Additional date formatting variables have been added for incident Slack channel naming
  • 🆕 Incident lead can now be assigned via /inc handover
  • 💅 Most recent incident now appears at the top when merging a triage incident
  • 💅 UI improvements to status updates within the incident timeline
  • 🐛 Correctly syncing follow-up titles to exported Jira issues

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