Component subscriptions for Status Pages

Weekly Update

You can now subscribe to individual components defined in your status page. Component subscriptions allow your status page users to filter out updates that aren't relevant to them, and only opt-in to be notified about the components they care about the most.

Component subscribers can now also be easily ported over from your existing Atlassian Statuspage with a single click. Check out our Migrating from Atlassian Statuspage help guide for more information!

Custom field groups

We now support grouping custom field options! This means you can easily categorise long lists of options for multi-select custom fields into logical groups that are more digestible to parse through.

🚀 What else we’ve shipped

  • 🆕 Import downtime for components from Atlassian
  • 💅🏼 Polished line breaks in Status Pages updates and subscription emails
  • 💅🏼 Use local date time for Status Pages timestamps in the dashboard
  • 💅🏼 Extra validation on policies when creating policy reports
  • 🐛 Import status pages from Atlassian Statuspage that don't have components
  • 🐛 Fixed URLs for linear tickets that are attached to follow-ups
  • 🐛 Fixed tooltip flickering in Safari on iOS for Status Pages
  • 🐛 Fixed an issue where re-subscribing to a status page wasn't working as expected
  • 🐛 Fixed OpsGenie escalations for individual users
  • 🐛 Fixed workflow link in modal when deleting custom fields used by a workflow

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