New text editor for Slack message Workflow steps

Weekly Update

We have upgraded the experience of creating slack messages and posts from workflow steps. These now have a new, more powerful text editor! The affected steps are:

  • Prompt a decision flow
  • Send message to a channel
  • Send ephemeral message to a channel
  • Send direct message
  • Nudge for a custom field to be set

This allows you to not only customise the contents of the message but also apply your desired formatting to it.

If you haven't configured a workflows step before, here are some examples of workflows that we've found to be helpful during an incident:

  • When a slack message in the incident channel mentions "rollback", send a message to the channel with details on how to perform a rollback.
  • When an incident has an incident type of Security, prompt a decision flow which will help the incident lead decide if they should report to their Risk & Compliance department.

🚀 What else did we ship?

  • 💅 When you save a view on the insights pager load tab, we'll save the selected target as part of that view
  • 💅 Configuring Jira and PagerDuty is now done from a full page rather than a modal, as these were a little cramped
  • 💅 We've done some work to make sure our emails (e.g. those sent from workflows) are looking really sharp and slick
  • 💅 We've improved the datepicker provided when filtering incidents, supporting relative date ranges such as 'last 3 months'
  • 💅 It's easier to find the category you want to filter on when filtering incidents as the subjects are now grouped
  • 💅 We've clarified that it's useful to use a service account when connecting our Notion integration, as the access token we're given by Notion is related to a specific user
  • 💅 Our emails now display more elegantly on devices that are in dark mode
  • 💅 When you select 'here to observe' we'll ask you if you want to subscribe to the incident, to avoid unecessary noise in Slack
  • 💅 When an incident is closed, we'll also send the new incident summary to any subscribers
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where you'd receive an error trying to view the Jira Server configuration if you weren't an admin or owner
  • 🐛 If you edit a previously applied incident filter, it'll now populate the form correctly in all cases
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where we couldn't export post-mortems to Notion as some links were too long
  • 🐛 Display rich text formatting (bold, italics) in incident summaries on the dashboard homepage
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug in the policy reports UI where the empty state looked messy when you hadn't selected a day of the month (for a monthly report)

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