Statuspage templates & renaming incident leads

Weekly Update

Statuspage templates

This week we decided to give our Atlassian Statuspage integration a little love, and have now added support for using Statuspage templates to pre-populate the /inc statuspage modal.

This will allow you to define templates from within your Statuspage config, and have those show up during your incidents when you push out Statuspage updates. Helping anyone in your organization update status pages consistently & effectively.

You can now rename the incident lead role

This is something so many of you have asked for, and we've finally delivered! You can choose your own name for the lead role of the incident, eg /inc role manager or whatever you heart desires.

And a whole bunch more stuff

  • 🆕 An improved Zendesk onboarding experience
  • 🆕 A workflow step to invite Slack bot users to incident channels
  • 💅 Fix alignment of faces on incidents list
  • 💅 Improve Zendesk ticket appearance in the dashboard
  • 💅 Stop tagging users when they complete actions
  • 🐛 Fix duplicate 'do you want to attach this GitHub PR?' messages when an incident is referenced in a commit
  • 🐛 Fix Zendesk failing to re-install due to existing bot user
  • 🐛 Fix broken 'close' button on Policy nudges
  • 🐛 Make the 'mode' on incident the create api actually work
  • 🐛 Fix being unable to remove severity alias description overrides
  • 🐛 Fix post-mortem template reordering breaking textareas
  • 🐛 Fix race condition attaching a Zendesk ticket gets instantly removed

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