Choose your own timezone for the post-mortem

Weekly Update

Ever had to mentally convert UTC timestamps into your own timezone when pieceing together "what happened" in an incident? We definitely have, and it can get pretty confusing.

So we've now given you the power to choose the timezone you'd like to generate the post-mortem timestamps in! When generating a post-mortem from the incident homepage you'll see a drop-down, and on the pasted post-mortem we'll highlight the timezone that all the timestamps are in.

What else we shipped

  • 💅 We started showing escalation policies before users when escalating to PagerDuty
  • 💅 You can now use markdown in your severity descriptions, enabling you to have bold, italics and even links!
  • 💅 You can sort the order of custom fields from the settings config
  • 💅 We started highlighting long time periods between timeline events in the UI, to help you understand the flow of the incident over time
  • 🐛 When we delete an announcement post, we'll also delete any threaded updates (e.g. if an incident is made private)

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