A new email editor

Weekly Update

Workflows enable you to send emails automatically from your incidents - perhaps to keep stakeholders updated on everything that's happening to the most important incidents.

We want to make sure that the emails match your expectations when you're configuring them - so that all the formatting and line breaks work smoothly.

We've been working on a next text editor experience, based on ProseMirror, to make writing emails that bit simpler.

It'll be coming soon to the rest of the app, so watch this space!

What else we shipped

  • 🆕 We've refreshed our announcement channels so they have some useful bookmarks at the top
  • 🆕 When you first install incident.io, it's now easier to share with your colleagues and get started
  • 🆕 We'll now return the incident type when listing incidents on the public API
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where certain timeline items were inserting blank lines into postmortems
  • 🐛 Declined incidents will no longer show as 'ongoing' in the dashboard
  • 💅 After an incident is closed, we'll show absolute timestamps on the timeline (instead of relative ones)
  • 💅 Tidied up our email template so they're a bit cleaner
  • 💅 Cancelled follow-ups in Linear will now show as 'not doing' in incident.io

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