Delayed workflow runs

Weekly Update

It's been a couple of weeks since our last changelog - we had a team offsite in Portugal for 4 days and managed to avoid /incident sunburn (mostly). We're back with a bumper update!

Workflows are a powerful way to help people follow your incident response process. One of the most-requested improvements was to allow you to delay the workflow run after the trigger happens. For example, to remind people to write a post mortem a few days after an incident is closed.

You can choose whether the workflow should run even if the conditions stop matching, or if we should cancel it. This lets you avoid annoying reminders like "please write a post-mortem" if one is already attached!

What else we shipped

  • 🆕 We launched Incident Types last week
  • 🆕 Workflows can now set a condition on "outstanding action count", so you can set reminders to complete actions
  • 🆕 We launched our customer referral programme
  • 💅 When deleting an Incident Role or Custom Field, we'll warn you if it's used in any Workflows
  • 💅 You can link directly to one of the tabs on the Incident Homepage
  • 💅 The timeline on the Incident Homepage can be filtered by item type
  • 💅 The "can this be closed?" nudge in Slack now has buttons to dismiss the nudge and to provide an update, as well as to close the incident
  • 💅 Post-mortems can be exported as Markdown, as well as HTML - drop us a message if you'd prefer Markdown!
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug which caused post-mortems not to get copied to the clipboard in Safari
  • 🐛 Custom field descriptions are now visible for single-select fields

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