Sync in a blink

Weekly Update

We know you love exporting follow-ups into your favourite issue tracker. So much so, that a number of you recognised that we don’t don’t sync changes quite fast enough!

We’ve doubled down on our Jira Cloud integration, meaning we now listen for issue updates and sync these to follow-ups immediately. So next time you update the Jira issue update status to “Done”, this will also get ticked off in 💪

What else we shipped

  • 🆕 We now aggregate related items on the timeline
  • 💅 Update reminders are more reliably cancelled if you post an update in time, and are ephemeral so do not spam the channel
  • 💅 Instead of being truncated, long incident updates are continued in a thread
  • 💅 We renamed the Insights “Scoreboard” to “Responders”, because firefighting should not feel like a competition
  • 💅 When a timeline item (eg. Milly was assigned to X) was generated by a workflow, we now point to the workflow that produced it
  • 💅 We now stop unfurling message links by default, for cleaner, happier channels
  • 🐛 We started showing links to issue trackers (eg. Jira) properly in the postmortem (thanks Snyk)
  • 🐛 We removed the ability to filter workflows based on the incident URL, because that’s just confusing
  • 🐛 We stopped showing the “I can take this” button on follow ups, because the incident has already ended
  • 🐛 We stopped long custom field links spilling out of the field (thanks AccuRx)
  • 🐛 Now when you create a new announcement rule, it’ll post a message in the channel saying so
  • 🐛 We fixed an issue with not being able to create links in the compose message flow (thanks Ascend)
  • 🐛 We now allow emojis to appear in actions that are created from Slack messages (thanks Aiven)

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