Follow-Ups, now with added filters

Weekly Update

Look, sometimes you can't get to solving all your follow-up actions right away, we understand. So maybe your follow-ups page was looking a little full? It's ok, we've got you, we've added the ability to filter the follow-ups page the same way you can filter the incidents page.

One more thing

We also added a workflow step to invite a user from a PagerDuty escalation policy, and assign them an incident role!

What else we shipped

Actually 17 more things...

  • πŸ†• Include pinned images in post-mortem PDFs
  • πŸ†• Include completed action titles in the timeline
  • πŸ†• Show recent incidents in the create incident modal, to help avoid creating duplicate incidents
  • πŸ†• Show shorthands in the /inc help info, so you can learn how to move faster
  • πŸ†• Show the reasons we need to reinstall on the reinstall page
  • πŸ†• Show absolute timestamps in the timeline
  • πŸ’… Update setup/login step to hide the sidebar
  • πŸ’… Make incident update -> closed not do anything until the incident is closed
  • πŸ’… Auto-focus "title" when opening the create action modal
  • πŸ’… Make "description" optional when exporting an action
  • πŸ’… Hide Assignee when exporting to Jira
  • πŸ’… Allow toggling private incidents on follow-ups page
  • πŸ’… Relax limit on decision title flow length
  • πŸ’… Allow reversing timeline order on incident home page
  • πŸ’… Handle "action already exported" gracefully from Slack
  • πŸ’… Show "not set" for empty workflow values when viewing workflow configs in the web app
  • πŸ› Fixed an issue where the login screen had multiple headers on mobile