Text, Numbers and Links, oh my!

Weekly Update

Custom fields are a key part of incident.io, helping you catalog past incidents, analyse trends and integrate with workflows and announcement rules.

Today we're releasing support for three new types of custom field:


Supporting freeform text values, create fields that record the impacted customer, or perhaps any third-party services involved in the incident.


Especially for regulated industries, you often want to track the number of customers affected by an incident, or the amount of money involved.

Numeric fields support integer and fractional numbers, which you could use to create:

  • "Customers affected", tracking the number of customers affected by an incident, which you can use to filter the incidents page and CSV export
  • "Monetary impact", for the financial value associated with an incident, which you can use to build a workflow that emails senior leadership whenever it exceeds a reporting threshold


Imagine your company encourages creating a separate public post-mortem/root cause analysis, and you'd like to track that doc alongside the incident.

Or perhaps you create GDrive/Dropbox spaces for each incident, containing files used during the response.

You can now create a link custom field which is synced with a Slack channel bookmark on the incident channel, helping responders find the links during the incident and whenever anyone visits an old channel, too.

What we shipped

Custom fields is just one big change that went out this week, while another is our totally redesigned website!

Thanks to @jamesm for his amazing design work.

And beyond that, here's the full list:

  • 🆕 Edit incident summary and name from the incident homepage
  • 🆕 Support for an "is all of" filter for multi-select custom fields in the incidents dashboard page
  • 💅 Exporting follow-ups to Linear now assigns the correct "created by" name
  • 💅 Users are sorted alphabetically in the Slack role assignment modal
  • 💅 Post-incident feedback is now shared in a thread instead of the channel, in an effort to reduce noise
  • 🐛 Fixed an issue with Jira auto-export where the epic name might be incorrect

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