Well, that escalated quickly

Weekly Update

It's often the case that you reach the boundaries of your knowledge during an incident, and you need that special someone to help you out. We've all been there. However, getting help can be hit and miss: tagging people in Slack, or trying in vain to blow the dust off your PagerDuty login.

Fear no more - you can now page users and rotations directly in Slack via /incident escalate. We'll stream notifications and acknowledgements into the channel as they happen so you know who's on their way.

We've launched with PagerDuty to get ourselves comfortable with the flow, but we'll be launching Opsgenie and VictorOps soon!

What we shipped

  • 🆕 Actions are now reflected in the timeline, so you can see exactly when something was picked up, put down, or passed along.
  • 💅 If we can't render items in your timeline due to permissions issues, we'll let you know and if it's fixable, we'll tell you how.
  • 💅 The link to the Slack channel from the incident homepage now refers to it by name, rather than being generically worded.
  • 💅 If you link a document to your incident, we'll show that on the incident homepage, too.
  • 👷🏽‍♀️ We have to fetch lots of data to render your incident homepage. We now do more of that fetching in parallel to save you time. What will you do with your extra milliseconds?
  • 🐛 Severities no longer fail to update in the channel topic if you update incidents from an edit modal
  • 🐛 We no longer sometimes shortchanging users in incidents by incorrectly labelling them as "observers", when they were picking up actions, resolving issues and generally being good eggs.
  • 🐛 Renaming channels to really, really, really long names no longer fails to update the post in the incident announcements channel.

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