Hello, new friends

Weekly Update

This week was a particularly special week, as we onboarded our first 4 customers. 🎉

As such, we focused our time on helping them get onboarded, talking to them, and figuring out what we should build next.

What we shipped

  • 🆕 You can now unassign actions from yourself. No need to be stuck with those pesky tasks - delegate!
  • 🆕 We shipped a Security FAQ page, for all your security FAQ needs.
  • 💅 If you create an incident from a message, we now ensure that the message you used is unfurled at the start of the incident for all to see.
  • 💅 If you change your name in Slack, we reflect it in the product much faster. No identity crisis for you, my friend!
  • 🐛 When using funky quote combinations in summary updates, we now strip them correctly for you.
  • 🐛 Sometimes when you assigned an action to yourself, we'd update messages in Slack so it looked like you had also created the action. We fixed it so we don't re-write the history books.

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