The Debrief: Stale incident summaries? AI can fix that for you

Picture of incident.ioincident.io

Incident summaries are the source of truth for responders joining an incident at any point.

But the reality is that with so many things happening at once—like needing to respond to the actual incident—updating these summaries can fall by the wayside. Enter, Suggested Summaries, one of our newest features powered by AI.

In this episode, you'll hear from Milly, the project lead for Suggested Summaries, to get a peek behind the curtain of this game-changing feature. You'll hear her chat about:

  • What went into building Suggested Summaries
  • What the project timelines were
  • What were some of the challenges the team faced
  • What was it like learning the ropes of prompt engineering while building out Suggested Summaries
  • ...and a lot more

You can listen to our ⁠AI announcement episode here⁠ and our previous ⁠episode on Related Incidents here⁠.

Read Milly's blog post on building Suggested Summaries here.