The Debrief: Why we killed our Slackbot and bought incident.io with Michael Cullum of Bud Financial

Picture of incident.ioincident.io

For financial services companies, good incident management is absolutely critical—maybe more so than in other industries. So, for Michael Cullum and his team at Bud Financial, the choice to build an incident response tool felt right for them in the moment.

But very quickly, Michael and the team came face-to-face with the myriad limitations that come with building your own response tooling. Soon after, they would adopt incident.io to replace that internal Slackbot and save money, resources, and headaches in the end.

The end result? A total transformation of the way they managed incidents.

In this conversation, Chris Evans, CPO of incident.io, sits down with Michael to chat through this journey.

Read more about Michael's buying decision in Bud Financial's case study.