Opsgenie is a popular alerting tool used by many engineering teams, but what are the benefits and drawbacks of using Opsgenie as your primary incident management tool? This page is designed to guide you through the pros and cons of taking this approach and compares them to using incident.io.

What’s the difference between incident.io and Opsgenie?

In short, Opsgenie primarily focuses on one part of the incident lifecycle (alerting), while incident.io is designed to support your teams to run incidents end-to-end.

Opsgenie is primarily used for alerting engineering teams when something goes wrong. However, it doesn’t offer as much when it comes to incident coordination, response and follow-up. This is where incident.io comes in. We take responsibility for everything that happens from the moment that you’re woken up by an Opsgenie alert, up until you close your incident and start digging into the data to understand what went wrong.

Many of our customers use incident.io in conjunction with Opsgenie (or an alternative alerting system). We offer an integration with Opsgenie, which amplifies its value by making it more accessible to your team: anyone can use it with minimal training, not just engineers.

Overview table

  • Set up and interact through the Slack interface
  • Set up and interact through separate Web UI
  • Provides end-to-end incident response
  • Integrates with your alerting tool, but does not provide its own alerting system
  • Primarily specialises in incident alerting and escalating
  • Designed to be accessible to everyone with minimal training, not just engineers
  • Complex user interface requires training and up-skilling