Configurable announcements

Weekly Update

When an incident is created, we post in your announcement channel (e.g. #incidents) with some relevant details about the incident.

We also keep it up to date as the incident progresses, so everyone is in the loop.

We know how important it is that your incident announcement posts contain the information that matters to you, so we now let you configure the post from the revamped announcement settings page!

You can now:

  • ➕ Add custom fields, timestamps and roles to your post
  • 🔃 Change the order in which the information appears in the message
  • 🙅 Remove information that is not relevant to you
  • 🔥 Customise the emojis we use so we can speak your language, or remove them altogether if they just aren't your thing

You can also preview what your post will look like as you edit it.

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