Escalating with Splunk On-Call

Weekly Update

Splunk On-Call (a.k.a VictorOps)

Sometimes, you need to call in a lifeline and phone-a-friend during an incident. This can be done directly from slack via /inc escalate.

We already support escalation tools such as PagerDuty and Opsgenie. But today we’re going even further and adding support for Splunk On-Call 🎉

Just like our other integrations, let us know: who you need, which team you need, or which policy to escalate to, and we’ll manage the rest.

Your incident channel will be kept up-to-date with notifications and acknowledgements in real-time.

What else we shipped

  • ✨ Tidied up our Settings sidebar with new sections
  • 🐛 Bugfixes for our PagerDuty Integration
  • 🐛 Bugfixes for our Zendesk Integration
  • ⚡️ Performance improvements
  • 🗂 Updates to auto-archive for closed incidents
  • 🖋 Copy improvements to retrospective incidents
  • 🔍 Improved searching, now supporting the #INC-1 format

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