Export to Linear


A little mid-release update from us today. You can now export incident actions straight into Linear!

We're big fans, and selfishly we're pretty excited we can use this ourselves, as copying things over manually after incidents was getting a little tedious...

Once exported, we'll continue to track and sync actions into incident.io, and shortly we'll show you insights into how many actions you create, how many get followed up, and how quickly, too.

We'll also link back from tickets to the incident, in case you need to reference it later.

We want to meet you where you work, which means gluing together the tools you already use. We've got a long list of integrations planned, and Linear was getting a lot of demand, so we bumped it up the list.

Getting this kind of early access feedback to help us steer the product is really what drives us and makes building incident.io worth it, so thank you! If you have more integrations you'd like to see, drop us an email or let us know on twitter.

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