Goodbye, Google Sheets


"Resolving our incidents is only half the story"

That's what you keep telling us, and we couldn't agree more.

To really get the value from your incidents, you need to follow up effectively. Right now, we're focussed on building out the tools to help you do just that. We're starting with extracting the insights and learnings which, let's face it, you've already paid for. We want to help you get your money's worth.

A common solution we've seen (and used ourselves!) is what we at HQ refer to as "The Google Sheet of Doom". Often this is a manually compiled spreadsheet, containing some high level numbers on things like duration, severity and impact, maybe with some graphs and Pivot Tables thrown in at a stretch.

We think we can do it better, and do it for you. Today we're taking the first step in that direction by launching the first version of Insights, available for all early access customers.

Operational excellence starts here