The Debrief: A year in review—2023 at incident.io

Picture of incident.ioincident.io

What a year 2023 was at incident.io! While it's hard to summarize 365 days into just a few sentences, a handful of moments stood out from this transformative year:

  • We launched a bunch of new highly requested and impactful products like ⁠Catalog⁠ and ⁠Status Pages⁠.
  • We hired a ton, now sitting at nearly 80 employees as of December 2023.
  • We expanded into the U.S., opening up a brand new (private) office just a few weeks ago.
  • We made a big splash at several conferences like KubeCon and LeadDev, alongside household names like Google and IBM.
  • ...and a whole lot more

So as we close the curtain on a momentous 2023, we sat down with the three co-founders of incident.io—Chris, Stephen, and Pete—to do a bit of reflection on the wild ride that was this year.

In this episode you'll hear them discuss challenges, big wins, moments of growth, what's next for us, and most importantly, what the three co-founders like most about one another.

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