The Debrief: Building AI—Related Incidents

Picture of incident.ioincident.io

Recently we went live with one of our biggest product launches to date AI. And this product was unique in that it was broken up into four smaller projects:

  • Related incidents
  • Suggested summaries
  • Suggested follow-ups
  • Assistant

So naturally most folks might be wondering: What were the biggest differences between these projects and what went into actually building out each of these features?

In this episode, you'll hear from Rob and Isaac, both Product Engineers who played a really critical role in the building out of related incidents, to get a peek behind the curtain. You'll hear them chat about:

  • What went into building related incidents
  • What their project timelines were
  • What were some of the challenges they faced
  • What was it like learning the ropes of prompt engineering while building out related incidents
  • ...and a lot more

As an aside, if you want to learn more about each of these features, we're releasing four mini-episodes diving into each of them.