On-demand webinar: Humanizing the on-call experience

Humans are the heartbeat of on-call, at least until AI takes over the world. But for us to make the best decisions, we need the right information, at the right time, and in a useful way that preferably doesn’t give us nightmares. Watch the virtual webinar and learn all about smoothing the on-call experience and making it more human-friendly. Norberto Lopes, VP of Engineering at incident.io, and Andrej Blagojević, Staff Product Engineer at Intercom, will guide us through a conversation covering numerous aspects of this topic like…

  1. Simplifying procedures for on-call duties by streamlining interactions, from acknowledgment to resolution
  2. Implementing world-class design and user experience for better engagement
  3. Enhancing communication channels to provide clear instructions during on-call situations
  4. Offering flexible scheduling options to accommodate on-callers and promote work-life balance

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