Weekly Update

If you use Zoom, check out our docs on how to get setup in your incident.io workspace.

Our list of integrations grows larger this week with the addition of Zoom, the video conferencing product used by a number of our customers.

Installing Zoom will enable the "Automatically create incident call" settings in the dashboard. If configured, incident.io will create a Zoom meeting whenever an incident is declared, which reponders can use for high-bandwidth discussion.

Creating a call link has always been something we advocate for at incident.io, especially in an increasingly remote workplace. We're excited to get this released, and look forward to increasing the depth of the integration now our app is officially part of the Zoom Marketplace.

We're awaiting review for our application to the Google Marketplace (for Google Meet), and expect to see first-class support for video-conferencing in our upcoming workflow product.

Screenshot of the incident.io app inside the Zoom Marketplace

What we shipped

Most of our focus was on building the first version of workflows, which we managed to get to a working prototype! 🎉

But life can't always be about workflows. Here's a few of the changes we snacked on alongside our main:

  • 🆕 Support for auto-creating Zoom meetings
  • 🆕 Wrote a load of blog content which we'll be releasing over the next few weeks — read our post on how we feature flag or check out our observability setup as content from last week!
  • 🐛 Fixed an issue with our issue tracker clients where requests weren't being retried — this should improve reliability when exporting actions to external issue trackers
  • 🐛 Lots of small UI tweaks and fixes. We're proud to say all buttons are now (and should always have been, if we're being honest) the same size...
  • 🐛 Jira auto-export was subtly broken when some fields were left unset (thank you TrueLayer for your patience!)
  • 🐛 Updating a call link in Slack, if you did this with a non-URL, used to break- sorry about that!
  • 🔜 A whole lot of work on workflows, coming soon!

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