Save time and reduce errors with our on-call pay product

Engineering leaders are using our on-call pay product to calculate how much their teams are owed for on-call. Import your PagerDuty schedules, tell us how much you pay, and we'll do the rest.

Ditch the spreadsheets and automate the admin

Avoid messy spreadsheets or custom-built scripts. Eliminate busywork and let us take care of your on-call pay calculations.

Avoid costly errors and make sure everyone is paid fairly

Stop worrying about applying the right calculation for non-working hours, weekends or holidays. With our calculator you can set these up once and never think about them again.

Share pay reports with your team in just a few clicks

Once you're happy with a report, you can share it with everyone on the rota, your finance team or anyone else. All the data is also available as a spreadsheet.

How it works
Get started by signing in to our tool using Slack
Connect your PagerDuty account and import your schedules
Configure your pay rules e.g. "no pay during working hours", "double pay on weekends", or add rules for specific holidays
Check the draft report and then publish it to share the output with your team
Start using our free tool
What customers are saying
"We tested the payment tool for May’s payments and it matches exactly (actually better than exactly, it found a 10p mistake I made) our manual count that took me ages and an elaborate spreadsheet. Will definitely be using going forward!"
"I signed up to use your on call pay calculator (it was going to be a future hackathon project of mine!) and it’s fantastic. My life just got so much easier!"
"Amazing that it has to come from outside PagerDuty — but this is such a great step forward for the industry. It should be trivial to pay people for participating in on-call."