Trigger incidents from CloudWatch Alarms

Whether you're using CloudWatch to monitor your AWS infrastructure, respond to security threats, or simply to keep tabs on your ever-growing AWS bill, you can connect it to to automatically create incidents with ease. For example:

  • Kick off a security incident in triage mode when you see suspicious activity on an S3 bucket
  • Start a finance incident when your daily spend increases above a threshold and automatically invite the CFO for visibility
  • Start an incident and update your public status page when your users database is down

Enterprise-grade audit logs in S3

Gain visibility and auditability over the changes that are made within your account using our audit logs. Have every change logged in S3 so you can track and analyze data over time.

Integrate with all the tools you already know and love

Amplify the value of your existing tools by integrating for a seamless experience

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